Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol Tonight!

American Idol posts cannot go over on A Well Spoken Word, because well, it's not really art is it? I mean, despite Randy, Paula, and Simon calling the contestants artists it's really just singing. A step up from karaoke. No offense to you singers out there. I love karaoke. (when I'm doing it...)
But it's exciting to finally be down to the top 24! My only gripe is that it's two hours long...that seems really....long.
Anyway, this is when the fun begins, the real drama! I heard on the radio this morning that the most searched contestant according to yahoo was Antonella Barba, the half of the BFF pair that made it through. I was immediately dismayed, for the very simple reason that she drives me a little nutty. And that I don't think she is as good a singer as the girl they passed on. But who cares about talent on a show like this? It's all personality, baby! And apparently there were some questionable photos of Antonella floating about, and that immediately cleared up why she is the most searched!
On the other hand, I doubt anyone would want to see those sorts of photos of Chris Sligh, second most searched and personal favorite. Chris used to post on a forum I regularly waste time on, so I was interested in him before I heard a note. I think he is talented and funny, and I hope he's on for awhile. I'm also rooting Phil Stacey on, as he is a fellow PK, with lovely eyes and oh, a nice voice as well.
Actually, admittedly, I like the group of guys about a million times better than the girls. I guess they'll have tomorow to try and change my mind.

Anyone else watching tonight?


Chaotic Hammer said...

Well, if by "watching tonight" you mean "captured for later viewing on my DVR", yes. :-)

But Tuesday night is family night here, so no TV. We'll watch it later this week or this weekend at our own leisure, completely without the long commercial pauses.

Amy said...

ugh, very smart to dvr this one.
I won't ruin it, but let's just say, I'm hoping for some strong girl performances tonight!

Amy said...

oh by the way, good to see you, I feel like I haven't "seen you around" in ages!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Amy - Thanks! Actually, I've had a very busy winter this year, and have done very little blog commenting for quite a while (though I did still read). And no new blogging of my own for quite a long time -- sometimes it's just not there, and I don't feel like forcing it.

yzorderrox said...

Amy - I must advise against watching this show. It might rot your brain!

Amy said...

CH--glad to hear it's just busyness! :-)

Matt--my brain is already rot!! ha!

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