Friday, December 8, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

As has been stated many times previously on this blog, I love Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year. I love it all, and throw myself fully into the festivity of the season.

Some people don't like Christmas. They think it's too commericialized. They hate shopping. Or maybe they don't have anyone to spend Christmas with. Or something horrible happened at Christmas time that has forever tainted this time of year for them. Or perhaps they just hate their relatives and dread all the family togetherness the season entails.

So which side of the Christmas coin do you land on? Love it? Hate it? Like parts of it and wish others would forever disappear?

Oh by the way, sorry it has been awhile since I've posted, I was down South in Costa Rica visiting the three most adorable little girls ever! (my nieces!)


Chaotic Hammer said...

I like this time of year. The songs are quite nice, and the rules state that they can only be brought out this time of year. The weather takes a fun turn (here in the real world, I mean -- I know it doesn't change much in SoCal) and they play It's a Wonderful Life a lot on TV.

But I should also note that I am generally somebody who regards most days as the same, and does not esteem one over the other. So while it is special in its own way, it's not really any better or worse than any other season or time of year.

I think it's good and healthy to be reminded, and to make it the focus of our attention, that God came in the form of a human being, and experienced this life in much the same way that the rest of us do, and lived among us in the flesh.

As for all the commercialization -- that's part of our culture now, and has absolutely nothing to do with the birth of Christ. But because merchants rely so much on the sales from this time of year, I don't see it going away anytime soon.

Lisa said...

I love Christmas vacation--two weeks off of work! I love being able to visit with people I might not see during the rest of the year. Family gatherings, get togethers with friends, etc. I love being in country that doesn't have the commericialism of the season. I love Christmas Eve-the reverance of the candle light service, and remembering the birth of our Savior with so many people that I love. I love the season.

kathryn said...

i LOVE the Christmas season!!!! I try my best not to get sucked in to the hollow consumerism - i shop early and carefully. I enjoy picking out just that right thing for each person. I love to think of Jesus and thank Him in new, fresh ways. I love to celebrate and feast with my family - i love the promise of the imminent new year.

~ jen ~ said...

I love Christmas, too. And especially more now that Sam is starting to learn and notice EVERYTHING. How could someone really NOT like Christmas, given it's true purpose.

I HATE shopping at Christmas time, though I love shopping for Christmas. I've had my Christmas shopping done since early November, and I'm glad and proud. Shops and stores of all kinds are too busy this time of year for many people to enjoy shopping, even grocery shopping. Too many folks are in a big hurry to get nowhere for no real reason other than to be in a hurry. Grrr.

Also, for those that think holidays are dead due to commercialization: unfortunately, this is a result of our "society" and our "culture"; you can change how you celebrate and recognize whatever holiday it is, even if you cannot change how others celebrate. Start your own traditions that leave out the stuff that you think is inappropriate or un-Christmas-like. You do have choices here!

And Amy, the mug is on its way....after our ice storm, I'm getting back on schedule here! PHEW!!

Amy said...

Hello all!

Glad to hear you love Christmas...Lisa, I'm jealous, I wish I had a Christmas break. We only get one day off this year. I'm taking a few extra, but still.

Jen, I agree. All shopping done after Thanksgiving for me has been online where I don't have to battle the crowds. and Kathryn, like you, I love finding the perfect gift.

And Chaotic Hammer...I happen to like Christmas music a little earlier than your rules state, but oh well. I agree that it's necessary and good to be reminded of Jesus coming to earth as human. and I love Christmas songs because they are so full of good theology and little lines that you can sing for years and suddenly one Christmas they just come alive to you in all their richness and depth.

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