Monday, July 10, 2006

Time Travel

I started a book on the flight home from Denver called the Time Lottery. It's just a little Christian fiction, where three people get the chance to travel back into their own pasts and correct a mistake they've made, most likely one that's "haunted them for all of these years" sort of thing.
Anyway, I just expected it to be a quick and easy read, but surprisingly, (it is quick and easy) it really plunged me into thought about where I would go in my past if given the chance. It's such a weird thing. There are times when I feel really grateful for my life, for my past, and all of the many many mistakes I've made because of the person I am because of them and how I know Jesus in ways I'm not sure would have been possible otherwise. But, on the other hand, there's always that little twinge of regret when you think of a time period in your life. An opportunity I wish I had seized, a person I had kept in better touch with, a decision that altered the course of my life in a way I wish I could take back.
Silly and absurd as this might sound, I think I would go back to high school. I hated high school. I don't think there are words to describe it, my grandmother told me she had never seen me look as happy as I did the night I graduated. But there were people in my life then that I wish were in my life now, and if I had the chance to erase the time and distance that removed us from each other, I would like to do that. There are others who are still in my life that I wish I had spent more time with during those days.
Apart from those things though, the truth is that I never really want to go back to high school. It was dreadful! :-)
If you care to share, what about you?


~ jen ~ said...

I , too, try to keep the mindset of "don't regret your past, it has made you into who you are today", and I am proud of who I am. There are a few minor things I would have liked to have done, like telling someone how I REALLY felt. Yes, you may actually think of a couple of good ones, Amy! Especially in high school (dreadful, I agree).

But the truth is that I don't want to go back and change anything. There are some moments in my past I would like to relive. There are also people I would love to see one last time, but as far as altering my past, I'd say thanks, but no thanks.

Also, glad to hear you had a good time in Denver!

Mindy said...

Um, well what if you would go back and change something in in someone else's past? Does that count?

Guess what, Amy. Tragedy has struck. I am blocked from Yahoo email and from adding to my blog and probably from posting to yours. I HATE MY JOB!! If I didn't hate it before, I really hate it now.

Mindy said...

I'm not blocked from posting to your blog! That's good. But I can't update mine or my website. I asked my boss if I could talk w/ her today. Via outlook email. So, I'm roped in now.

I'll try to let you know how it goes.

Amy said...

wow, changing someone else's life? that's a little scary!

You know, Jen, I would like to relive some moments, free of emotional bias, and see how they actually played out. Or maybe just watch them on tv. You know, see how I would perceive some things now that I have more understanding in life. And I'm detached from the emotions.

I'd like to relive some particularly wonderful moments as well.

Mindy said...

So in the last few days, I've been given a revelation from God. The stuff in his past (the stuff I would change about someone else's life) would change him. He'd be different. He wouldn't be who I love and he wouldn't be who loves me. And I can't even think about life w/o him, life with someone else. So, yeah, God was like "um, duh! I DO know what I'm doing. Hello!"

kathryn said...

the book sounds like it's some real food for thought. . I also HATED high school! My comments in my grad blurb in the year book went like this: "It's been a long four years and I'm glad it's over!" LOL! My whole life I've felt like an 'old soul'. . high school - i felt like almost everyone there was a baby and i just felt somehow older than even the older students. . What would i change from my past? Oh, I can't even begin to think about it!!!

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