Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The mystery that is Pirates


I liked the first Pirates of the Carribbean. I didn't expect to. I didn't want to see it, because the trailer looked so dumb. But my friends dragged me and I ended up really enjoying it.

I was looking forward to the sequel, not in a oh-my-gosh-i-can't-wait sort of way, just you know, oh-that-should-be-good sort of way. (I haven't seen it yet)

But I'm baffled by the breaking box office records response. I mean...more popular than Star Wars? LOTR? Harry Potter? Chronicles of Narnia? What???????????????????
It's a mystery to me. My folks went to Disneyland the day after the premiere and said that people were dressed up in pirate gear and everything. Huh?

I've heard it explained that it was the Johnny Depp factor. Ok, I love the man. He's probably one of my favorite actors. Finding Neverland was brilliant. I'll see no one else as Willy Wonka. But The Libertine wasn't breaking any box office records boasting his name. So that doesn't make complete sense to me.

So if someone can explain.....you know why Pirates of the Carribbean is such a phenomenon, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, and does anyone else find it funny that these films were based on a Disneyland ride that they had to redo because of the films????


Mindy said...

Maybe (as I mentioned the my previous comment) it is b/c movies are so expensive.
Or maybe it is somehow cooler to be into the Pirates than Star Wars. It's not as geeky. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Star Wars. I find myself quoting it and referring to it more than the average person. And I really want to own the original trilogy and the three new ones.
But I'm just saying, maybe the people are jumping on the Pirates' band wagon (aka, the Jolly Roger--I crack myself up) b/c they always WANTED to be those dorks who dress up and wait in line for the movie for hours, but they were too afraid of risking their social status.
Whew! I have REALLY been bored all day and need some stimulation.

kathryn said...

i don't get it either. . i saw the movie. . it was okay. . it paled in comparison with the first one and yet it's boffo at the box office?? it got almost keystone coppish at times, silly. . the first movie was fresh, had some suspense, loved the swashbuckling swagger of Captain Jack, it was cool. . this one was just all right. . meh. . . i'm hoping for a good wrap up next spring with the last instalment? dare i hope?!

Amy said...

Indeed, Kathryn, I hope they finish strong. Yeah, I guess the first one was something different, and such a surprise, it's hard to top that.

Hey Mindy, I didn't realize you loved Star Wars so much. I like to watch the films about once a year. They're just so enjoyable! They took inflation into account when they determined the record breaking.

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