Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Projects

Book Blogger Appreciation Week--In the fall of 2008, this week to celebrate book bloggers launched! It's an annual online festival for book bloggers. The dates for 2011 are September 12-16.

LOST Books Challenge--A challenge for LOST fans to read books featured on my favorite show. Kind of dead, but archives still up.

Buy One Book and Read It--A challenge started in 2008 when I heard over 50% of adults had not read a book in a single year. I added the buy a book part in an effort to support the publishing industry and authors, in 2009.

Faith and Fiction Saturday--an occasional Saturday essay on issues related to faith and how it's portrayed in fiction.

Faith and Fiction Saturday Round Tables--a group of bloggers that discuss books that deal with issues of faith.


cynthia newberry martin said...

Hi Amy-
I've enjoyed visiting your blog and congratulations on the success of the bloggers panel. When you have a minute you might enjoy my book blog. If you like it, I would love to be added to your Some Super Fabulous Blogs!

Midy Reed & Danielle Hartman said...

Amy -

Where are your Best Of results?
Don't see that on your Index.

Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist

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