Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Friend Mindy

My friend Mindy is getting married Saturday. And I would be there, but the plane tickets were around 600 dollars. I'm discovering it's expensive to fly across the country.

But I wish I could be there. Because Mindy is a good friend...we go way back. All the way back to registration at Toccoa Falls College when she looked over and saw my Missouri driver's license.

"It's so good to see a Missouri driver's license," she sighed. (she's from Kansas and we both found ourselves in hickville-but-to-die-for-beautiful northeast Georgia) Then we discovered that we had dorm rooms across the "hall" from each other. We were the midwest girls, surrounded by crazy southerners, new englanders, and even, gasp, an Aussie. We became fast friends that year, shared lots of laughs, and stayed friends. Yes, we stayed friends through Mindy leaving TFC for a year, through rooming together for a year and a half, through a blow-out of sorts amongst our group of friends...through it all. Not the best of friends. My last two years of college saw me not responding to some loving confrontation about behaviors that were completely destructive to myself. But she accepted my refusal to see the truth and stayed my friend. And after I graduated from college, we were still friends. And we stayed friends when I moved to Japan and she worked at Eagle Ranch. We stayed friends even when the emails were few and far between. And recently this year, we've been in much better contact due to jobs that give us lots of free time. I've completely enjoyed getting to know her again. And now she's getting married.

And I couldn't be happier for her.

So Mindy...this is a tribute to you. Matt was lucky to find you, beautiful, honest, and God-loving. A friend. I hope you two have a wonderful God-serving life together, and that every moment is cherished as a gift. Even last minute stressing out over wedding plans moments.

Cheers! (I'm raising my champagne glass to you!)

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