Thursday, November 3, 2005

Fun aunt Amy!

My sister and her two lovely girls just left after a wondeful but busy visit. I love to see them, my nieces are very unspoiled (although one is a bit strong-willed), affectionate, and full of delightfully funny things to say. They express their love without reserve and there are no games. Not with kids. They tell it like it is. They let every last emotion hang out. Believe me, if Karina is upset about something, she lets you know. In the form of an ear-splitting scream. Like Halloween night when mommy told her she had to wait to eat her candy. That did not go over well for my little niece with a sweet tooth. After calming her down a bit, she said something which I responded to. She had no hesitation in letting me know she only wanted to talk to mommy. funny funny kids.
Did I mention they were absolutely smashing in their Halloween costumes? A princess and a ballerina. Every little girls dream. Very girly, my nieces.
So we've had a very fun week of making memories, holding onto every second, knowing that the Lord only knows when we will see each other again. And we'll probably never have another halloween together again. I am thankful for the moments we do have. If you live close to your family, and anticipate that you always will...thank God for the moments that seem so mundane. Thank Him for every holiday shared together, every afternoon walk in the park, every last minute baby-sitting job, and every bout of side-splitting laughter. I know that I am obeying God by setting my eyes on a life overseas, and that gives me a joy that is unique and precious in itself. I know that my sister and her family have a positive daily impact on the lives of young people every day that has altered and changed eternity in their work in Costa Rica. I am thankful for that. But I miss the ins and outs of their lives, the birthdays and more often than not the holidays. My phone never rings with a last minute request for a baby-sitter, and I don't often have an afternoon out with the girls. A lifetime of laughter, shopping, going to the movies, baking cookies, celebrating the holidays, being family in the adult world is crammed into, at best, a few weeks a year. And as soon as I make a permanent move overseas, I know it will be less.
But maybe the time we have is more appreciated because it's in's easy to look over silly annoying things when you know you only have to endure it for awhile and focus on what is important.
I really had a blast..being fun aunt amy, but I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to kids of my own any time soon!


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