Saturday, August 23, 2008

Does This Work?

Lately, I've noticed a new promotional trend. Buy our book and send in your electronic receipt and we'll give you something special!

I ask for this reason.

I participated in this promo and did my usual money wasting saving activity of ordering $25 worth of stuff to get free shipping. Then I sent in my receipt. I received promised prize immediately (it was all online) and I could have cancelled my order, right? (I didn't of course! I love authors!)

Especially since Amazon took forever to finally mail me the books I ordered.

So does this kind of promotion work? I'd like to know.

I know that Seth Godin tried it and he doesn't seem like a dummy.

Tell me your thoughts. Who knows such a promotion might show up here. (for someone else's book obviously!)


Anonymous said...

Kelley Armstrong did it for when her Women of the the Otherworld series first started coming out in hardback first. Except her's was where you had to snail mail her the receipt and she'd send you a little packet of goodies (book marks, not pad, signed book plate, etc). I think it worked rather big time, she wrote on her website that they had got a much larger turn out than she had expected and that she was behind on sending packages out since she ran out of supplies and had to order more. So I think it is a good idea.

Some people might try to cheat the system but I'm thinking most of the people who do it are honest about it.

Amy said...

Samantha..that's cool! ok, I guess I'm just a bit cynical. ;)

MonieG said...

Lisa Daily did this with Fifteen Minutes of Shame. I had the book on my wishlist so I bought the book but I was VERY dissapointed with the offer. Alot of the links were expired and most of the offers were for free trials I could have received just by visiting the websites listed. Knowing this I still wouldn't have cancelled my order but I don't think I'll rush out to buy any of the books with these offers any time soon.

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