Monday, July 21, 2008

Ten CDs I Love #3: Jane Siberry When I Was a Boy

This CD is one of those cds that I have listened to no less than ten thousand times since I first discovered it in high school. It was the perfect CD to listen to when my heart was all shattered over a boy, and yet I have continued to love it long after that. I have many other Jane Siberry recordings, but none have quite captured the same beauty and longing and wistfulness of this one.

Ok, I just looked up the videos and I'm afraid they will scare you away! This album really is very unique and so I'm just posting a snippet of the song "Love is Everything" which probably is a bit more normal than the rest of the album. It's not the whole song, but will give you a feel for the album.

I'd love to know if any of the rest of you like Jane Siberry!

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Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Jane Siberry! And I think I'm the only person in Iowa who has ever heard of her. =) I fell in love with her based on her song "It Won't Rain All the Time" from The Crow soundtrack - beautiful.

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

I've never heard of her, but I liked the song...

Thanks for the introduction!

DeLauné Michel said...

I just saw your post that you got my book, The safety of secrets, at BEA - if you get a minute to read it, I hope you enjoy it. have a great week.

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